HCI BedMate Low Voltage Hospital Television
HCI BedMate Low Voltage Hospital Television

HCI 13.3" BedMate Low Voltage Healthcare Grade TV

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HCI 13.3" BedMate Low Voltage Healthcare Grade TV

The capabilities of our BedMate 13 devices extend far beyond that of ordinary television. The 3mm infection control design and glass front have a built-in media player with bottom inputs for accessories. The patient will be able to access the facility loaded media and educational content. Each system has a reliable touchpad for TV control and navigation. The touchpad is designed to withstand heavy usage and is sensitive to weak fingers.

The HCI BedMate 13 is designed to suppress the risk of hospital-acquired infections. Features include:

  • Easy to clean, infection control all-glass front design
  • Rounded corners for patient safety
  • Replaceable earphone jacks
  • Antimicrobial acrylic surfaces
  • Reliable front button touchpads
  • Whispering wall speakers

The halo used on the device allows patients to move the TV freely on the swing arm without harm to the TV or patient. With the TV’s built-in USB media player, patients can watch movies, listen to music or view pictures on demand.

Easy to install and maintain, BedMate televisions are designed to meet the needs of the facility and their patients. More reliable than ever, facilities can count on using our low-voltage televisions for years.

Accessories are easy to set up and install.

  • Power supplies include wall mounting brackets and materials needed which easily connect to Outreach V2 arms.
  • Outreach arms keep all wires unexposed and feature no pinch points for the safety of patients and longevity of equipment.
    • Can be mounted on existing wall and counter mounts.
    • When unused, arms lock into place for simple storage and easy access.